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A subsidiary of www.guravinternational.com (GI Group): We’re a rostrum which features both pristine and stained souls, who forge modern beliefs and naive thoughts of the current & forthcoming generations. Seasoned with creativity and strategy, our handsomely crafted deliverables aim at breaking the passé conventions of the marketing world. We are enamoured of the masterpieces made by the senior and contemporary firms and thereby make sincere efforts to detonate competitions and propel the frontiers of the Indian advt. and entertainment industry.

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We share the pursuit of perfection with some renowned legends of the industry who’ve either worked with us or blessed us with their knowledge and experiences. Samsherians share relations as good as a 12 yr old wine with prominent names from technical facets of the creative sector thus elevating our quality of work a notch further.
We believe in fortifying our relations with people in and around the entertainment/advertisement business.

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Meet Samsherian Team
Ashish Ghuge
Head of Operations
Sanjog Gurav
B.I. Analyst
Bipin Sail
Creative Head
Chinmay Manore
Sales Head